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Sweden Rock 2017

Past performers

Lost Society

Wednesday June 7, 17:30 CEST

Finland's Lost Society is one of the hottest names in a new generation of bona fide 80s' thrash metal acts. Their debut "Fast loud death" (2013) was well-played and enthusiastic, reminiscent of Tankard, Nuclear Assault and Municipal Waste. The follow-ups "Terror attack" (2014) and "Braindead" (2016) have kept up the good work, each record just a little more refined than its predecessor. An intense touring, with the likes of Overkill and Children Of Bodom, has also helped Lost Society establish themselves as thrash metal heroes ever so quickly.

Black Ingvars

Wednesday June 7, 18:30 CEST

Playing well-known songs from other genres in a hard-rock fashion is Black Ingvars' thing. Dance-band (a Swedish hybrid of country and schlager), children's songs, Christmas carols and pop songs, for instance. Since their formation in 1995 they have released eight albums with combined sales of more than 1 million copies. In their own words, "the arrangements are dead serious but the presentation is made for laughter". Black Ingvars being seasoned musicians and a highly routined live act is obviously icing on the cake.

Heavy Tiger

Wednesday June 7, 19:45 CEST

Stockholmian power trio Heavy Tiger are mainly influenced by the 70s and bands like Thin Lizzy, the Hurriganes, AC/DC and the Rolling Stones. The result is a sound with a rocking groove and pop-like melodies. The band debuted in style with a vinyl EP, "Talk of the town", in 2013, followed by the full-length "Saigon kiss" the following year. In 2016 they released the single "Devil may care", followed by their current album "Glitter". All this time, Heavy Tiger's star has been continually on the rise, largely thanks to their famously explosive live show.


Wednesday June 7, 22:30 CEST

This one woman project would be one of the most prominent features on today's black metal scene. Classically trained singer and multi-instrumentalist Amalie Bruun blends as Myrkur the raw and the ethereal. Influences from Ulver and Darkthrone mate with harmonies as seductive as every menacing she-demon in Norse folklore. Myrkur has only been active since 2014, but the EP "Myrkur" (2014), full-length "M" (2015) and live album "Jerusalem" (2016) have already found an enthusiastic audience. One that has only begun to grow, from the looks of it.

Black Star Riders

Wednesday June 7, 23:40 CEST

In 2012 the band known as Thin Lizzy decided against releasing their coming album as Thin Lizzy. A wise move, the fans agreed. As Black Star Riders, the band has released three albums to date ("Heavy fire" will arrive in January) and proved themselves fully capable of holding their own. Though they do still play the Thin Lizzy classics live. Besides Thin Lizzy veteran Scott Gorham (guitar), the lineup consists of singer/guitarist Ricky Warwick (ex-Almighty), guitarist Damon Johnson (ex-Alice Cooper), drummer Jimmy DeGrasso (ex-Suicidal Tendencies, Megadeth) and bassist Robbie Crane (ex-Vince Neil, Ratt).

Skeleton Birth

Thursday June 8, 12:30 CEST

Thrash metallers Skeleton Birth come from northern Sweden. They were formed in 2009 by former soldier Morgan Frööjd (vocals, guitar), who had just returned from Afghanistan. His experiences there are the basis both for Skeleton Birth's lyrics and the intensity of their fast and brutal music. The album "War diary" arrived in 2014 and in 2016 Skeleton Birth got a great reception touring with Swedish metal titans Raubtier. The band are currently working on their second album.

Dead Sleep

Thursday June 8, 13:50 CEST

Dead Sleep from southern Sweden play old school thrash metal, with additional influences from the American punk/crossover scene of the 80s as well as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Naturally it's all very fast, raw and energetic. Lead singer and bass player Anna Wagner is the band's obvious visual focal point. Their first single "Aleppo" arrived in eary 2017 and their full-length debut is planned to arrive this fall.

Leading Light

Thursday June 8, 15:10 CEST

Leading Light were formed in 2012 and play modern metal where brutality is combined with melodic excursions. Their first album "Protect the sinner" (2014) got an enthusiastic following and was followed by gigs in Sweden and abroad. Following a brief hiatus the band is now back with a new lineup, introducing itself on the current single "13".


Thursday June 8, 16:50 CEST

Svartanatt (roughly "the black night" in Swedish) from Stockholm play classic guitar rock in late 60s'/early 70s' style. Rough, groove-based and a tad psychedelic. Their eponymous debut arrived in 2016 and was praised both in Sweden and abroad. Spring 2017 sees the release of new single "Killer on the loose", and this summer the band will record their second album. In the intermediate time Svartanatt will also do some touring, in Sweden as well as in Spain.


Thursday June 8, 18:10 CEST

Stockholm's Nocean play melodic, alternative rock with metal influences and electronic features. Since their formation in 2013 the band have released two EP:s and an album, "Nothing to hide" (2016). The fall of 2016 saw the rlease of their first single with a new lineup and an updated sound, appropriately titled "The change". Nocean will spend the year 2017 writing their second album, as well as tour extensively through Europe.

VA Rocks

Thursday June 8, 19:30 CEST

The dynamic trio of Ida (vocals, guitar), Klara (bass) and Frida (drums) have played together for over a decade. Influenced by the likes of AC/DC, Danko Jones, the Ramones and the Runaways, their sound is obviously kick ass rock'n'roll. VA Rocks have released one EP and one album, the newly relased "Pull no punches", and have toured both in Sweden and abroad with the likes of Bonafide, Abramis Brama, the Poodles and Sator.


Thursday June 8, 21:00 CEST

Veonity is a Swedish power metal band with one EP and two albums under their belts. Their sound is devoid of the symphonic elements that are common these days - just full throttle, big choits and lots of double kick in bona fide late 90s' Swedish/German tradition. On stage Veonity shun pre-recorded features completely and they have shared stages with the likes of Sabaton, Freedom Call and Kobra And The Lotus.


Thursday June 8, 23:15 CEST

Knogjärn (Knuckleduster) are just as tough as their name implies. Their lyrics are in Swedish, their sound moves in Pantera's brutal regions. In 2016 the band got major recognition for the songs "Fly för ditt liv" (Run for your life) and "Nej nu j***ar" (What the f**k), as well as some lauded festival appearances. Their latest and current single is called "Ni är i vägen" (You're in the way) and they are planning to release their full-length debut this spring.

Rockklassiker All-stars

Friday June 9, 13:30 CEST

For the fifth consecutive year, radio's Rockklassiker brings you "Sweden's biggest, best and most famous after beach". Rockklassiker Allstars are all hair metal titans: Ian Haugland and Mic Michaeli (Europe), Bosse and Kebbe Lindmark (Dalton), Rob Marcello (Danger Danger) and Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall, Great King Rat, ex-Poodles). And, as always, famous guest artists to be named later. All hard rock classics, all the time!

King's X

Friday June 9, 14:30 CEST

With a mixture of progressive metal, funk, soul and more, King's X was one of the most original acts to emerge in the late 80s. Their three first albums - "Out of the silent planet" (1988), "Gretchen goes to Nebraska" (1989) and "Faith hope love" (1990) - secured the band's cult status and they toured with artists as diverse as Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Pearl Jam. The album "XV" (2008) is their most recent, largely due to drummer Jerry Gaskill's heart problems. In 2015, King's X returned to the live scene and there's also a new album in the making from Gaskill, Doug Pinnick (vocals, bass) and Ty Tabor (guitar).

Bob Wayne & the Outlaw Carnies

Friday June 9, 16:30 CEST

Bob Wayne is from Seattle, and it kind of shows. His music is founded in country but with elements of punk, metal and other stuff too. By his own admission, he's influenced by "old school country and old school metal". Bob released his self-financed debut in 2006, and received greater recognition with album number four, his first on an actual label, titled "Outlaw carnie" (2011) - his band is now named the Outlaw Carnies. To date his catalogue consists of seven albums, well suited for fans of Black Sabbath, Townes Van Zandt and all three Hank Williams'.

The Brandos

Friday June 9, 19:45 CEST

New York City's the Brandos formed in 1985 and have released nine studio albums (and more) of classic, raw rock'n'roll - as one critic put it they played Americana even before it was cool. Singer Dave Kincaid has often been compared to John Fogerty. Their debut "Honor among thieves" (1987) got rave reviews and spawned a perennial fan-fave in "Gettysburg". In the 90s, Europe grew to become the Brandos' main market, and here they remain a cult band on stage and on record.


Friday June 9, 23:15 CEST

Thyrfing were formed in 1995 and rank among the pioneers in viking metal. The band's signatures include the combined elements of traditional black metal and Norse folk music, as well as Swedish lyrics. Thyrfing's debut arrived in 1998 and in total they have released seven albums, including such classics as "Vansinnesvisor" (Songs of madness, 2002). Their identity remains intact and they're often exemplified as one of the truly original acts in folk/pagan/viking metal. The band are currently working on their first album since "De ödeslösa" (The fateless ones, 2013).


Saturday June 10, 13:30 CEST

Motvind (upwind) was one of Sweden's hardest bands in the 70s. They combined heavy, Anglo-Saxon-ish rock with Swedish lyrics - autobiographical ones from an often shady life. To the delight of many and the outrage of some. Their debut "Känn dig blåst" (Consider yourself screwed, 1976) was a success that was followed by five more albums until 1983, with combined sales of several hundred thousand copies. After 1984 Motvind have performed only sporadically, and this marks these classic suburban rebels' debut at SRF.


Saturday June 10, 16:30 CEST

Lionheart's sole album "Hot tonight" (1984) is one of the more melodic gems from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. It was sadly overlooked at the time, and Lionheart was mainly remembered for its members playing with so many other bands - including Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, MSG, UFO and Sweet. Nowadays they have cult status, and are reunited since 2016 with a new album in the works. Guitarist Dennis Stratton (ex-Iron Maiden, Praying Mantis) is present as always and lead vocals are being handled by the great Lee Small (ex-Shy, Phenomena).

SM-Final Air Guitar

Saturday June 10, 18:00 CEST

The national championships in Air Guitar have been popular ever since 1983, when it all started in Stockholm. And now it's time again! After a number of contests around the country, the finals will once again take place at Sweden Rock Festival! All finalists will win a 3-day ticket for the festival, where the grand finale takes place on June 10th at 18:00 in the Rockklassiker tent. The trophy everyone will strive to win is a Fender Stratocaster American Standard 2017!


Saturday June 10, 19:45 CEST

"Another return" (1988) got rave reviews but mediocre tales. The time just wasn't right for a traditional, melodic heavy metal band from Norway to debut. The sophomore album "For the sake of mankind" (1991) arrived at the dawn of the grunge era - end of story. However, Artch has always remained a cult band to heavy metal connoisseurs, and in 2010 their classic lineup reunited and will now also grace the stage at SRF. Including lead singer Eric (Eirikur Hauksson), more recently of Ken Hensley and Magic Pie fame.


Saturday June 10, 21:00 CEST

From earlier today

Great news for power metal fans - Fabio Lione (vocals) and Luca Turilli (guitar, keyboards) reunite on stage as Rhapsody. The two were the classic front duo of the band that debuted in 1997 and became one of the biggest in power metal with their bombastic "Hollywood metal" sound. 2017 will see them celebrate their 20th anniversary at SRF. Luca and Fabio will share the stage for the first time since 2011, joined by Rhapsody veterans Alex Holzwarth (drums), Patrice Guers (bass) and Dominique Leurquin (gitarr). Among other things, they are going to play the band's most beloved album "Symphony of enchanted lands" (1998) in its entirety.

Rob Tognoni

Saturday June 10, 23:15 CEST

Australian blues rocker Rob Tognoni counts AC/DC, B.B. King and Jimi Hendrix amog his influences. Since 1995 he has released sixteen albums. As a live artist, he has been especially successful in Europe and particularly Denmark, where he took part in an event with 45 000 attendants, including the crown prince, in 2004. To blues enthusiasts he is a modern day phenomenon, one of few contemporary guitarists with both the chops and his very own style.